Keymitt Python Developer (Mid/Senior)

Keymitt is an international company and brand of smart home products that make life easier. We develop devices that retrofit existing door locks, intercoms, switches and dials, to make them smart. A big part of our work is around software and cloud, and our objective is to expand boundaries and develop a truly universal and ubiquitous service that may affect millions.

What you will do daily:

  • Create new features using Python 3.7 and Flask and improve your testing skills with pytest;
  • Learn a lot from your colleagues and have a great impact on the Keymitt projects; 
  • Help us stay on the cutting edge of Python development.

For the Mid level (3-7 years) we expect that you:

  • Can code blindfolded in Python;
  • Have experience with a modern web framework;
  • Have a habit of leaving code in a better shape than you’ve found it;
  • Don’t like process or quality problems to stay around and would go out of your way to fix them;
  • Previously coded something you find exciting and cannot wait to tell us about it;
  • Are familiar with software development best practices such as TDD and “clean code”;
  • Make decisions after looking at a problem from all angles;
  • Are comfortable receiving and giving feedback;
  • Are comfortable working in English.

For the Senior level (8+ years) we additionally expect that you:

  • Have experience with designing scalable system components;
  • Have experience with Test Driven Development, architecture patterns and lean/agile methodologies;
  • Are open for learning new things, proactive and drive initiatives;
  • Speak up when problems and emerging issues;
  • Get things done and be able to slice a problem.

What can you expect working with us:

  • Impact - we develop innovative and cutting edge technology projects;
  • Cross-functional, product-oriented teams;
  • Ownership - every person from our team is a product owner;
  • Agile and lean mindset - to help our whole team (developers, testers, designers and product managers) develop and own our product together;
  • Continuous integration - we deploy to production every day;
  • Best practices - pair programming and coder dojos once a week;
  • Direct contact with end users - we observe how they use our product live, run user labs and drive customer interviews;
  • International team environment - our team consists of 4 nationalities and growing.

Our tech stack:

  • Frontend: ES2018, React, styled-components, Jinja2
  • Backend: Python 3.7, Flask, MQTT, OpenApi 3.0, REST/HTTP
  • Database: DynamoDb, Datastore, MySQL
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, AWS, Docker, Git

What we offer:

  • Employee stock incentive;Personal development budget to help you learn and grow including health & wellness;
  • Interesting and fun work environment with great coffee, fruits and cookies everyday;
  • Open vacation policy for every type of contract and flexible working hours;
  • Regular Amazon book orders for the Keymitt library.

Interested in joining the Keymitt Team?

Please send your CV and portfolio to