Keymitt Push
Keymitt Push
Keymitt Push
Keymitt Push
Keymitt Push
Keymitt Push
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Keymitt Push

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Easy configuration

Configure Keymitt Push to press the buttons the way you need. Calibrate the distance, add the timer to schedule the pressing of your buttons and even repeat the action, set it up to push and hold, etc. What make Keymitt Push unique is that you can share the control over your Keymitt Push with your friends and family and revoke it anytime.

Interphone control

Keymitt Push is designed to work with Keymitt Smart Lock and grant a completely key-less smart access system all in one App. Share access to contro Keymitt Push with your friends and family and control your interphone remotely anytime, anywhere. (Wi-Fi Hub is needed)

Garage opener

Thanks to Keymitt Push's technology you can install it over your garage opener switch and open it remotely without installing expensive remote opening systems. Simply position your Keymitt Push over the switch, pair it with your smartphone and you're ready to go! (Wi-Fi Hub is needed)

Works on any button

Keymitt Push is a robotic button pusher, which thanks to it's unique technology and with 1.6kgf of torque, is able to push any button a human can press. Are you in the office but forgot to set the dishwasher? With Keymitt Push you can make sure that “one little button” won’t stand between you and your peace of mind.





Warranty description

Manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty


Wireless feature, Remote access, Automation.

Product category

Smart Home, Internet of Things


Internal Li-Ion Battery 3.7V, 550mAh, 2Wh



Status Indicator

RGB status LED


Bluetooth 5.0


Built-in proximity sensor


Built-in proximity sensor

Unit count

1.0 pcs

Bluetooth range

Circa 75m line of sight or 10m through walls


Max. 1.6kgf

Peak travel distance

Approx. 10mm

Compatible smartphone

Latest Android/iOS

Product dimensions

27.94(W) x 58.42(D) x 30.48(H) mm/1.1 x 2.3 x 1.2 in

Product weight

33 g / 1.164 oz

Package contents
  • Keymitt Push
  • Rubber tip
  • Velcro tape
  • 3x Extra plate
  • 2x Adhesive tape
  • Keymitt Push manual
Safety warning

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.