The Key To Real Passive Income

‍Empowering Homeowners Worldwide, Independent Of Location And Time To Guarantee A Flawless Check-in

Unlock passive income with Airbnb and Keymitt

It's fair to say Airbnb won't be going away any time soon. They have proven to be too successful over time to make way for a better alternative. After all, who isn't interested in letting their home, which would otherwise just sit there, empty and all, collecting dust and future renovation costs. Short term rental platforms such as Airbnb, Wimdu and VRBO have granted a whole group of homeowners access to a world of online exposure, quite literally.

About The (Air)BnB Market– Surviving The Shared Economy

Over time, hosts have become Superhosts, Airbnb listings have been upgraded to Plus homes and overall the sharing economy has created whole new sub-economies. Creating new entrepreneurs looking to jump into the market. Where the platforms are the middlemen, taking a fee for the exposure they offer, in the end, it's the host who still has to put in the most of the work. Fun work, but work none the less. Especially for those who have regular jobs and rent out their property on the side, for fun. A lot of tasks are required to make sure a check-in process runs smoothly, leaving guests satisfied from the start, guaranteeing you the ultimate Return On Service, a 5-star review. Regardless of your physical presence being required to open the door, it would mean you could never run a BnB without being there to welcome your guests. Luckily the times are a changing.

Since Airbnb started their platform, over 260 million guests have booked and stayed in properties across the world, using their platform. The user base has grown to 150 million users, from more than 65,000 cities. Guests can also book 1.9 million listings at any given time.

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The Change of Innovation

Increase of use by a more diversified type of user has meant that innovations have been created to make their life easier. So besides having a cleaner on site who makes sure everything is spick and span after the last guests check out, how about increasing someone's sense of moving into their new home as if they had their very own key to open it? Except they don't really have their own key.They are granted temporary access.

From a technical perspective; a smart lock is an electro-mechanical lock that can be unlocked or locked by the input of an authorized device. This input is performed utilizing a wireless transfer protocol and a cryptographic key. Unlike conventional wireless locks, a smart lock also monitors access and can set automatic actions, such as reporting problems to other devices.

Making Smart Choices

This new advancement means that a whole new group of people are able to host, independent of their physical location and time. They can guarantee a flawless check-in using their smartphone. Smartlocks such as Keymitt's can turn the desire to generate passive income an absolute reality. Besides a fancy design, the functionality of their smart lock boasts a wide variety of easy to use perks. Their native app, which is available in the app store for IOS devices and the Google Playstore for Android devices, allows you to do all of the following: monitor door lock activity, remotely grant access to guests, unauthorized lock activity notifications, real-time battery and lock status updates, and Airbnb calendar integration.

Additionally, Keymitt fits your current lock like a glove, you can keep your existing deadbolt and use your old keys. During this age of digitization of common analogue processes where many in-house practices and mechanisms can be automated, it is clear what a smart lock brings to the table when it comes to quality of life. The return on convenience is tremendous. After having used a smart lock you will wonder why you hadn't started earlier in the first place. All you needed was to make a one-off investment, for a lifetime of enjoyment.